Biological Dentistry In Seattle For Your Wellness And Health

About Us

In most cases, a trip to the dentist caused a feeling of discomfort. We believe that we can turn this feeling around. Every time you come to see us, you are bound to feel relaxed and at ease. The methods we use, the biological or holistic methods, are not just about the dentistry itself. They are about a systematic approach to the patient. Here in Seattle, the community of biological dentists take on a different route, a path which we believe benefits the patient the most.

Our Services

We are a Seattle-based group of dentistry professionals who believe that every patient is special. We look at our profession from a broader perspective because we adopt methods which place the patient in the center of attention. A highly trained Biological Dentist uses advanced methods which are minimally invasive, based on materials which are biocompatible and sustainable and an all-around approach which helps the patient leave the dentist’s office with a feeling of comfort. Learn more about biological dentistry at our website

The materials we use to repair your teeth are biocompatible, mercury and metal free and we do everything possible not to expose your mouth to these materials while working with your existing metal fillings, bridges, and implants. We always seek to use methods to protect you from the toxicity of mercury or nickel. The equipment we use is specially designed to extract the fillings without getting any of the harmful material in contact with your gums or other parts of your mouth.

Our approach is always minimally invasive. This way we preserve and protect your teeth and gums. For example, we use septocaine local anesthetics to lower the total amount of anesthetic needed. Then, we try to use magnification and halogen lighting as much as possible so we can notice all possible problems in advance. Better vision gives us better diagnostic abilities. Furthermore, we use a laser to reduce the amount of anesthesia or reduce it completely, to reduce healing time and the need for surgical procedures. Finally, we always use slow drilling methods for lesser nerve inflammation.

In the end, our focus is not only the mouth of the patient. We look at our patients as a whole and always keep in mind that what is going on in the mouth of the patient heavily reflects on the overall health level. For instance, there are numerous examples of how gum disease can cause various problems in other organs. Fillings and crowns can cause very serious cases of allergies, and heavy metals have toxic effects. Our goal is to give our patients a healthy smile and a good feeling about themselves because they lead to better health.


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Our Team Of Dentists

It took us quite a while and a lot of effort to assemble our team here in Seattle. We wanted people who love their job and can transfer this good feeling onto our patients. Once you step into our office, you will feel nothing but positive energy!

  • Andrew Higgins, DDS

    Andrew Higgins, DDS

    „I think that dentistry is more than toothcare. People often forget that teeth are implanted in our mouth, and the mouth is a part of our body, so dentistry is not just mechanical repair. The key is to treat the teeth, but the rest of the body as well.“

  • Kyle LaRue, DDS

    Kyle LaRue, DDS

    „For me, the patient is the focal point. I like to talk to my patients and to understand what and how they feel. To help them walk out of the room with a smile on their face. And, of course, for that smile to be on their faces until we meet again.“

  • Isaiah Cole, Office Manager

    Isaiah Cole, Office Manager

    „I am usually the person who greets our patients when they come to the last one and us to see them out. And, believe me, I am the happiest when I get to see our patients leave us with a big, shiny smile.“